ArtCamp 2008

The idea of ArtCamp 2008 was to bring together an interdisciplinary group of participants to spend one day collectively writing a manifesto for the city of Vancouver.

The ArtCamp 2008 Manifesto was released in Fall, 2009. The publication contains photos from the event as well as the 7 point manifesto that was collectively generated through cycles of group discussion during a one day session at the Intersections Digital Studios at Emily Carr University in September, 2008.

After collecting the raw notes from the sessions, the ideas were distilled and restructured, and brought together into a far reaching, dreamlike demand for action that touches on issues of urbanity, materiality, relationality, space, and memory.

The half-book/half-poster was designed by Sina Kia, Helene Day Fraser and Alex Hass and was printed by Hemlock Printers (with special thanks for Richard Kouwenhoven and Justin Drew). The work was edited by Kate Armstrong and Julie Gendron.

Thanks to Jason Vanderhill for his insightful photoediting, and to Chris Gove, Jonathan Nodrick, Poyan Danesh and Taisa Anderson for artistic contributions.

ArtCamp is a project of Upgrade Vancouver, in connection with the New Forms Festival and in partnership with Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

The text of the manifesto is available in print as well as in .PDF