Print book
5.5" x 8.5"
110 pages
Edition of 1

Source Material Everywhere: a remix collects the Wikipedia entries for the three terms -“Source”, “Material” and “Everywhere”- and compiles them into a printed book in an edition of 1.

Commissioned by Mark Amerika as a response to remixthebook (University of Minnesota Press, 2011) this work responds to one of the book’s central ideas. In Amerika’s book, “Source Material Everywhere” might be the world, the medium, the material, even the spiritual centre, and is fundamental to his investigation of relationships between the materiality of culture and the sources and structures of the creative act.

Collecting the aggregated materials of Wikipedia on these three terms– themselves telescoping outward into thousands of philosophical, scientific, and pop cultural references, sources and citations – Source Material Everywhere: a remix is a deliberately singular object that emerges as a specific instantiation out of a sprawling, networked process.

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