ArtCamp 2006

ArtCamp aims to bring the open collaborative process of a wiki into physical space. It is a self-organizing event geared toward sharing practices and ideas on art, media, networks and culture. The idea is to create an event in which conference structures are overturned in favour of collective, self-organizational models. ArtCamp is an experiment in bringing these principles into action in the context of art discourse, production and practice.

ArtCamp06 was attended by over a hundred artists, designers, programmers, critics, theorists, curators and practitioners from all fields who presented 30 workshops, talks and hybrid events in a single day.

The event was a coproduction by Upgrade Vancouver and the New Forms Festival and was convened by Kate Armstrong. Th event took place in September 2006 at the Great Northern Way Campus, Vancouver BC.

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photo by Dexter Stonehouse