Publications (Selected):

Path, A Generative Bookwork in 12 volumes. Softcover complete set 7300 pp. 12 volumes 6 x 9 x 1.25" each; box 11 x 17 x 12" includes a 168-hour mp3 audiobook edition on SD card. ISBN: 9781927394045. Publisher: Publication Studio and UNIT/PITT Projects, 2012. more

A Manual for the Discrete and the Continuous, Fillip, Issue 11, Spring 2010, editor Kristina Podesva

Visual Geographies, Blackflash Magazine, Spring 2010, editor Dagmara Genda

Yo Dawg, I Hear You Like Culture So I Put Some Culture In Your Culture, Granville Magazine, September 2009

Robots in the Garden, Catalogue essay, Second Site Collective, 2009. Curator Peter Courtemanche

Crisis & Repetition: Essays on Art and Culture: The book explores the cultural crisis that ensues from the transformation or displacement of a transcendent God and examines the ramifications of positing a transcendent God in the world by discussing theological accounts in conjunction with contemporary cultural explorations of the crisis of modernity.(Michigan State University Press, 2002) LINK

A List of Condominium Developments Reimagined as New Media Art Projects, DAMP, Anvil Press, 2008. Editors Oliver Hockenhull and Alex McKenzie

A List of Condominium Developments Reimagined as New Media Art Projects, Subterrain Magazine, 10/2008. Editor Brian Kaufman

Feeds & Streams: RSS Poetics, Capilano Review, 2-50, May 2007. Editor: Andrew Klobucar

Do Not Cut Fresh Angels, KSW W13: The Paraliterary, 2006. Editor: Donato Mancini

Data Actualized: Catalogue essay for Scrambled_Bites project, Western Front, Vancouver, Canada, 2004. Editor: Peter Courtemanche

A Psychogeographical account of PING and PsyGeoConflux 2003 Year Zero One Forum: Issue #12 - Summer 2003: Psychogeography - Space, Place and Perception. Curator: Michelle Kasprzak

Data and Narrative: Location Aware Fiction, Trace Online Writing Centre, Nottingham, UK, 2003.

Security and the Unrepresentable: A Review of Knowbotic Research's Breaking News :: Minds of Concern, Open_Source_Art_Hack, New Museum of Contemporary Art , The Thing, New York, 2002.

A Statement Conveying Fundamental Character: A creative essay on Matthew Buckingham’s video installation Definition (2000) as part of Special Projects Writers Series at P.S. 1 / MOMA, New York, NY, 2000. Curator: Anthony Huberman